Daily Log 9’4

The Daily Log model is an -all-type-waves longboard.
Its stable deck, flat rocker et 50/50 rails make it perfect for noseriding. Despite its large square tail, the board remain responsive thanks to its rolled vee belly. This board will make youglide with style on our small summer waves.

Here we are going for a Longboard that will be able to handle every kind of wave. With a classic style and modern ride, the Daily Log offers a steady platform for noseriding with a wide nose, a slight rocker and 50/50 rails. Despite a wide and stable square tail, the board is reactive thanks to a rolled vee (belly) leading into a sharper vee for extra kick at the tail, like the Vee Bottom but less extreme.

Included :

  • Fins
  • Leash
  • Wax
  • Spot advices
  • Insurance
Colors of Surfing To surf without restaints
Shaper : Panther Surfboards