The five best Raw Surf Clips

Stormy Sunday, no surf and rain on the menu ? We got your back!

Discover the 5 best raw surfing clips (according to us). What best than a 30 minutes surf video of some pumping famous spots around the world, to watch with your best surfing mates, doobie is a bonus. 

Why raw Clips ? 

Cause’ you see behind the scenes! See some amateur surfers getting the waves of their life, watch the craziest wipeouts without any cuts so you understand what is like to get pounded on the big wave spot. And many more!

So sit tight & clic play.

1- Pipeline, Hawaii – Sunday Surf

Here is a pumping Pipeline on a Casual Sunday. Locals charging hard, crazy wipeouts and insane splits. 

See how hard it is to catch the good one at Pipeline. 

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2- Mavericks on a big day

Mavericks a month ago, enjoy this raw clip if this insane wave. Now you get what is like to surf that spot! Best way to realize the power & energy of the ocean out there.

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3 – Teahupoo gets a huge swell

Watch this 50 minutes raw video on a huge day at Teahupoo. Stunning!

Get straight to the 11″ minute and sit tight, insane wipeout. 

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4- Jaws bombing day

Hit the 20:30 minute to catch shane dorian’s bomb, and see how it is to get wiped off at Jaws! 

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5 – The Wedge on a gnarly afternoon

Totally different register, but super fun to watch! 

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