LIMITno by Aljaz Babnik

We had the great pleasure to welcome Aljaz Babnik for the opening of his exhibition “A Visual Experience LIMITno” which will be shown until the end of June at Colors of Surfing. Supported by a musical experience with Numa Numa and Omar A.Little who transported us directly into the universe of Aljaz with an experimental live performance accompanied by a guitar and a trumpet.

Aljaz Babnik’s exhibition at Colors of Surfing was a visual tribute to the beauty of the ocean, the power of the waves and the passion of surfers. His photographs captivated the viewers’ eyes, transporting them into the world of surfing and immersing them in a unique visual experience. The subtle details, the vivid colors, the palpable emotions and the sensory and musical experience conveyed by his pictures make this exhibition a true ode to the surf culture.

A huge thank you to all the people who came to the exhibition and to the independent artists.




About Aljaz:

Originally from Slovenia, Aljaz Babnik is known for his artistic and engaging work that captures the spirit of surfing through iconic images. His photographs are often characterized by their creative composition, expert use of light and ability to catch the energy and emotion of surfing.

His worldwide travels have allowed him to capture unique surfing moments in exotic locations such as Indonesia, Hawaii, California and many others.


Aljaz Babnik’s distinctive photographic style is characterized by powerful and emotional images that convey the raw beauty of the ocean, the power of the waves and the passion of surfers for their sport. His photographs catch the intense moments of riding, the expressions of joy and challenge on the faces of the surfers, and the rugged beauty of the marine environment.

As a respected surf photographer, Aljaz Babnik continues to explore new creative horizons and capture the essence of surfing through his photographs. His work inspires surfing enthusiasts around the world and helps promote surf culture as a compelling visual art form. Whether through his exhibitions, publications or collaborations, Aljaz Babnik continues to captivate surfing enthusiasts with his exceptional ability to tell the story of surfing through his images.