Just another day at home!

Fuck yes, we must have fun, particularly when thinking marketing & com!

We came up with this video for the launch of our new collection, ’cause yes, it’s been a long road from beginning to the end. No hiding we’re quite happy to produce in Portugal and exclusively with organic cotton.

Specials thanks to artist Tropicool Studio for her design skills & very good taste. Thanks to our dear friend & enthusiastic surfer & skater Jordan Sevellec who’s been supporting us since the beginning and has always followed our crazy ideas.

The team wouldn’t be complete if Theo Preuilht wasn’t here to capture all those moments & always having an eye for!

“No boards were harmed in the making of this film.”

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Thanks to: 

Theo Preuilht alias @titigee

Jordan Sevellec alias @djoko

Ceri alias @tropicoolstudio

Nico alias @numbsurfboards