Introducing Naje Surfboards

At Colors, we are exclusively working with local shapers from South-West of France, in order to provide high quality surfboards perfectly made for our local waves.

With Naje, we wanted to work on models that represent him best.

Surfing has been a major part of Jean’s life for almost 20 years now. He got into into surfing before starting making movies and photography and then discovered shaping. Shaping is, according to Jean, a creative process: you watch, you learn and you try again and again. It’s an empirical approach.

“An incredible heritage of almost a century of surfboard designs was passed on to us and it is now our generation’s turn to try and interpret that wealth, mixing old designs and making our own versions”.

As a child, Jean used to mix up letters and would write his name “Naje” instead of “Jean”. It felt natural to call the brand “”Naje Surfboards, adding a little pun to it since “”nager”” means “to swim” in French !

All surfboards are 100% handmade and laminated and glassed by Tristan alias Fantastic Acid.