Welcome Fantastic Acid


We are honored to welcome talented south-west-based shaper Fantastic Acid at Colors. Tristan Mausse has been redefining and reinterpreting 70’s surfboards designs for years. What is driven him ? Boards with an unusual dynamic, generating velocity and smoothness. Radicals trim.

Fantastic Acid is the product of a whole life devoted into building surfboards, surfing, endless movement, free improvisations, hard jazz, flex fins, transitionnal volumes, volan… An eternal approach of handshaped surfboards. 


What’s new ? 

Three of his hull models are available now at Colors of Surfing.

Stubby Flextail: 5’10 x 22 3/4 x 3

Speed Hull: 7’10 x 22 x 3

Parlementia Hull: 9’6 x 22 x 3 1/4

Want to ride them out ? Hit our email adress, call us or stop by the shop to book your dream board! 

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